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The Mind Garden inspires us to connect with each other for our mental health. When we’re struggling with our mental health, sharing what we’re going through can change everything, which is why The Mind Garden is designed to be a place for people to connect, be themselves and open up.

A series of sculptural walls cascade and swirl through the sloping garden like a handful of petals tossed to the ground. At times these rough-textured walls enclose calm seating areas, frame views and create backdrops to generous drifts of planting. Then the pattern becomes more turbulent with walls coming together to form narrow passages before opening out into wider open spaces.

The incredibly tactile clay-rendered walls bring people up close to nature as part of a biophilic design ethos encompassing exposure to woodland and meadows, natural materials throughout and water, the bringer of life. Benches carved from wind-blown oak provide places for contemplation and conversation. Water gently pours from ceramic spouts into tranquil pools. 
The garden is largely set among open woodland with generous swathes of colourful meadow planting at the woodland edge.

After the show, the garden will be transported to a local Mind in England, that provides eco-therapy for people with mental health problems. As a result, people will be able to support each other in The Mind Garden for many years to come.

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