A Textile Garden for Fashion Revolution

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The garden inspires visitors to rethink the link between what we can grow and what we wear, illustrating creative possibilities and innovative thinking around how we use our resources to create sustainable solutions.
Throughout history plants have played a fundamental role in fashion – as dye, as fibre and floral motifs, connecting us to a place or culture. In our global world this connection has been lost. Today our clothing is likely to be created using fossil fuels and toxic chemicals, damaging human health and nature’s ecosystems.
A Textile Garden for Fashion Revolution attempts to re-establish the connection between plants and fashion. The garden is intended to imitate a textile, with planting in distinctive blocks of colour to create the impression of a woven fabric. Shallow reflective pools represent dye baths, with fabric or fibres soaking in natural dyes, and a series of paved seams will lead through the planting. The garden reveals the beauty to be found in plant-based dyes and fibres and will sow a seed of curiosity about what is in our clothes.

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