A Mediterranean Reflection

Container Gardens

Inspired by the Mallorcan landscape, this container garden utilises the colours and stone textures of the Mediterranean through artisan elements. A curved design evokes the tranquil waves of the sea, creating an Eden for people to come together and discover the pleasure of life in the Mediterranean.

A hand-rendered stone-effect wall is an interpretation of the weathering effect of sun and sea. Fabric screens, together with the wall, reflect interesting shadows from plants, especially when lit at night. In the centre, a reclaimed timber and granite boulder bench is anchored by textured planters. A reflective, granite carved pool encourages curiosity and conversation.

Mediterranean drought-tolerant plants of succulents, perennials and ornamental grass are soft and textural.

All design elements are handcrafted and sourced from the UK – a testimonial to the appreciation of artisan products on an island.

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