Never Forget - Never Again

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This remembrance garden is created in a circular design to provide a seamless area of tranquillity in which to remember loved ones lost and reflect on the horrors of human suffering and persecution – in particular during the Holocaust. At its centre is a circle of predominantly white flowers to create a serene space for contemplation. Porcelain, lily-type blooms with copper stems rise from a pool of reflective water at the centre of the garden.

The oak seating is inspired by Buddhist principles, which promote the cube as the ideal shape for meditation. This feature is also evocative of the Holocaust memorial landscape in Berlin, while the garden’s stone boulders are reminiscent of Britain’s first Holocaust Memorial at Hyde Park. 

Tranquillity roses and blue water forget-me-nots (Myosotis palustris) have been chosen for the main planting area to evoke the Israeli flag, and birch trees have been selected to provide dappled light through their small leaves. 

Sponsored by Belong, Never Forget – Never Again will have lasting resonance when it is relocated to Belong Morris Feinmann, a new village project for the Jewish community.  

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