Trafford Housing Trust Rainbow Garden

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The inspiration for this garden was based on discussions held between Trafford Housing Trust, their partners and the community the Trust serves. The design features plants that stimulate the senses and are also beneficial to the health and wellbeing of those who use the garden.

The journey through the garden begins with the path representing sun rays. Moving away from the fast pace of city life, coloured blocks of planting from the rainbow spectrum, each have different associations. The reds of the rainbow stimulate passion and enthusiasm. Orange and yellow planting represents creativity and playfulness as well as wisdom and energy. The greens offer a place to rest at the centre of the rainbow and denote growth, balance and health. Blue is associated with spirituality and divinity, and indigo is sedating. The last colour of the rainbow, violet, is considered the highest element of spirituality.

At the end of the garden a large paved circle represents the sun and includes a central compass. It is surrounded by a curved wall with a mirrored water feature symbolising the formation of rainbows.

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