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Tender ferns - outdoors / RHS Gardening


Tender ferns can be evergreen, semi evergreen or deciduous depending on the genus and species.They have attractive foliage in a range of shapes and textures, from long glossy tongues to delicately feathery fronds...Tender ferns like shade or semi shade, often with moist soil although some can tolerate dry soils once established...Most tender ferns dislike dry conditions especially when establishing and through the main growing season
Hardy ferns / RHS Gardening


Hardy ferns can be large or small, often with elegantly arching, feathery foliage...Ferns usually dislike full sun and dry conditions...Ferns are an ancient type of plant that first appeared around 360 million years ago ? they don?t flower and they produce microscopic spores rather than seeds
Tree ferns / RHS Gardening


Tree ferns are slow-growing architectural plants with spreading fronds above a thick trunk...Tree ferns thrive in a sheltered, humid and shaded position, with plenty of room so that the top of the plant can spread without crowding...Tree ferns may be grown in containers, outdoors or in a large greenhouse or conservatory
Tender ferns - houseplants / RHS Gardening


Ferns that cannot tolerate temperatures lower than 10°C (50°F) are often grown indoors as houseplants...Indoor ferns appreciate indirect sunlight with moist but not waterlogged compost...These ferns dislike bright, direct sunlight, dry compost and cold draughts
Ferns: hardy / RHS Gardening


From tiny specimens grown in walls to the royal fern at six feet tall, there?s room for ferns in every sized garden...A few ferns, for example some cultivars of the soft shield fern, Polystichum setiferum, develop small bulbils along the midrib of the frond
Ferns / RHS Gardening


Ferns are luxuriant foliage plants that come in diverse forms, leaf shapes and textures...There are evergreen and deciduous types (which lose their leaves in winter), ferns for damp soils or for dry soils such as those found under trees...All the information you'll need to grow & care for ferns in your garden
How to grow ferns / RHS Gardening


Providing form and texture, ferns are easy to grow and make ideal foliage plants for a shady spot...Their unfurling new growth can be delicate and feathery or large and lush, ensuring there are ferns to suit every style and size of garden...Everything you need to know about choosing the right ferns for you

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