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  • Hedges: renovation/RHS Gardening

    With legislation in place concerning the height of evergreen hedges, renovation may be advisable where hedges have got out of hand...Many hedges respond well to renovation, including beech, box, hawthorn, holly, hornbeam, Lonicera nitida and yew...Where holes or bare patches have developed in conifer hedges intolerant of renovation, it may be possible to tie in a new branch to that bare area in order to cover it

  • Hedges: trimming/RHS Gardening

    Hand-held hedge shears are fine for smaller hedges, but for large hedges you'll probably find it easier to use an electric or petrol hedge trimmer...Formal hedges should be slightly tapered on both sides so that the base is wider than the top and light can reach the bottom of the hedge

  • Hedges: pruning times/RHS Gardening

    Hedges require formative pruning on planting, plus maintenance trimming to keep them within bounds...Different hedges are best trimmed at different times of year...Prune established hedges annually to keep them looking good

  • Hedges: planting/RHS Gardening

    Evergreen and semi-evergreen hedges: Early autumn is ideal for hedging plants such as box, privet (semi-evergreen) and yew...You can buy semi-mature hedges which, although costly, will give an instant hedge

  • Hedges: selection/RHS Gardening

    Deciduous plants also make fine hedges, and indeed a beech hedge over winter holding onto its brown leaves is very pretty...An advantage of a deciduous hedge is that it will filter wind in winter avoiding the damaging turbulence associated with dense evergreen hedges

  • Beech hedging/RHS Gardening

    Hedges are in place for many years so thorough preparation of the soil before planting is essential...To renovate an overgrown beech hedge, cut it back hard in February while still dormant but delay if the weather is very cold...Beech hedges may suffer from beech woolly aphid , powdery mildews , bracket fungi and honey fungus...

  • Box/RHS Gardening

    B. sempervirens ? a popular choice for larger hedges...B. sempervirens ?Suffruticosa? ? a much slower growing cultivar suitable for parterres and small hedges...Box hedges and features can be seen at all four RHS gardens

  • Tree and shrubs: moving plants/RHS Gardening

    Hedges: renovation...renovation

  • RHS Garden Rosemoor blog; Hedgecutter Hands / RHS Gardening

    The majority of hedges we have here at Rosemoor only get one cut a year ? mainly to avoid the main bird nesting season (March ? August), but also due to the sheer number of hedges we have...Fortunately, the hedges aren?t anywhere near that height, however we often need the reach to avoid obstacles such as trees, shrubs and plant labels

  • Read our blog about RHS Garden Hyde Hall / RHS Gardening

    Reshaping the hedges means pruning hard back into the old wood, so forget hedge cutters, we need loppers and pruning saws to complete the task

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