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  • Peat-free growing media / RHS Gardening

    Completely peat-free media are said to be the best choice for the environment, but product consistency can be problematic, so many brands also offer ?reduced-peat? choices, blending into the formulation up to 50 percent non-peat materials

  • What is peat and how is it used: RHS research on peat and alternatives / RHS Gardening

    PhD Project: ?Developing non-peat growing media with microbial amendment? (Royal Holloway, 2017 ? 2021...Peat free media

  • Projects on peat alternatives - best ways to water - RHS study / RHS Gardening

    Managing peat-free media can require gardeners to adapt their management practices and with this in mind the RHS is conducting research into highlighting areas where management practices need to be altered...Benefits to gardeners Improving gardeners? understanding of water management in peat and peat-free multi-purpose growing media...Summary of results Peat free growing media have different watering requirements, but once the watering regime has been mastered there is no reason why healthy plants...

  • RHS peat policy / RHS Gardening

    We also have advice on peat-free growing media and how you can create your own peat-free mixes for those plants, such as carnivorous plants , that have traditionally been grown in it

  • Plant diseases - Armillaria in growing media / RHS Gardening

    This study aims to determine how long rhizomorphs of two different Armillaria species survive either in loam or peat-free compost...For this reason a loam is being used to model a quite ordinary soil, and a peat-free compost derived from composted bark, wood and green material to model the compost made and used by gardeners

  • How to go plastic free in your garden / RHS Gardening

    Even peat-free and organic composts are sold in plastic bags

  • John Innes potting compost / RHS Gardening

    Most potting compost or media offered is soil-less and either based entirely on peat, has some peat in its formulation or is peat-free...Peat-based or peat-free media with ?added John Innes

  • Blueberries / RHS Gardening

    When using soil-free media (multipurpose compost), ideally choose a peat-free one, but be aware that peat-free media might require frequent use of chelated iron to avoid chlorosis...

  • How to grow Horseradish / RHS Gardening

    To grow in pots, fill with multi-purpose compost including peat free media, make some deep vertical holes with dibber, then drop in a thong so that the top is 5cm (2in) beneath the surface of the compost and cover

  • How to grow Dill / RHS Gardening

    Alternatively, sow seeds thinly in large pots filled with multi-purpose compost, including peat free media

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