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    • Dicksonia antarctica

      D. antarctica is an evergreen tree fern, but deciduous in colder areas, growing slowly to 4m in height, with a stout reddish-brown stem and a terminal rosette of arching, deeply divided, glossy dark green fronds to 3m in length

    • Dicksonia fibrosa

      D. fibrosa is an evergreen tree fern to 6m tall, with a stout rhizome and dark green, 2 to 3-pinnate fronds to 2m long, their stalks brown scaly towards the base

    • Cyathea australis

      C. australis is a tree fern with a terminal cluster of spreading fronds on a stem clothed with persistent frond bases that are covered with brown scales

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  • Tree ferns/RHS Gardening

    Tree ferns are slow-growing architectural plants with spreading fronds above a thick trunk...Tree ferns thrive in a sheltered, humid and shaded position, with plenty of room so that the top of the plant can spread without crowding...Tree ferns may be grown in containers, outdoors or in a large greenhouse or conservatory

  • Video on protecting tree ferns from winter weather / RHS Gardening

    Overwintering tree ferns...

  • Ferns: hardy/RHS Gardening

    Tree stumps and ferns at Raveningham Hall Gardens, Norfolk

  • Get growing: hardy ferns / RHS Gardening

    Although most of us know that the bracken that covers our hillsides is a fern, and is obviously an exceptionally robust and resilient plant, many gardeners think ferns are fussy...One of those intriguing ferns with two completely different kinds of growth, the evergreen fronds of the British native hard fern, Blechnum spicant , are long and slender and divided into opposite pairs of tough little dark green leaflets

  • Japanese painted ferns: Expert advice & tips on garden plants by Graham Rice / RHS Gardening

    The Japanese painted fern , Athyrium niponicum var. pictum , was long considered one of the most lovely of hardy ferns but also, for some gardeners, inconveniently tricky to grow

  • Help, advice & tips on growing trees / RHS Gardening

    Gilt Edge' is an evergreen tree of dense, broadly columnar habit, with dark green, oblong leaves with a fine, pale yellow border, and saucer-shaped white flowers, 5cm across, in early to mid-summer...L. × watereri is a small deciduous tree with trifoliate leaves that are slightly hairy beneath...S. albidum forms an upright tree, spreading by suckers

  • Plants for under trees/RHS Gardening

    Cyclamen growing under the shade of a tree...Plants growing under tree canopies often suffer from poor growing conditions...Shrubs for deep shade (under evergreen or lower tree canopies

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