Gender Pay Gap

This Gender Pay Gap Report 2022 is based on snapshot data taken on 5 April 2022. At this time the RHS employed 1,320 workers of which 62.9% were women and 37.1% were men

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Throughout 2022, the RHS has continued to put inclusion at the heart of everything that we do as we seek to embed the principles of diversity and inclusion in our DNA. With diversity, inclusion and engagement firmly rooted in our People Strategy, we seek to increase the diversity of our workforce to bring together different skills, experiences and perspectives and create an environment of belonging for our people where they can thrive and provide a better experience for our visitors.

What is the gender pay gap?

The gender pay gap is a measure of the difference of the average hourly pay between men and women across an organisation. As the RHS is a UK employer with more than 250 employees, we have a duty to carry out gender pay gap reporting. The pay gap reporting includes all workers at the RHS, which includes all full-time, part-time and casual employees and contractors.

In 2022, our gender pay gap and bonus pay gap are as follows:

Gender pay gap and bonus pay gap

The proportion of men and women in each of the pay quartiles
are as follows:


Gender pay gap proportions


  • The median gender pay gap at the RHS in 2022 is 1.93% in favour of men. This is significantly below the national median of 14.9%
  •  A total of 71.2% of all men and 73.3% of all women at the RHS received a bonus payment 
  • The RHS employs more women than men at all levels with an overall gender split of 62.9% women and 37.1% men

In order to reduce the Gender Pay Gap

  • We are ensuring that men and women have equal opportunity to work at every level of our organisation
  • We continually review our people policies and practices to ensure gender equality throughout all levels of the workforce
  • We will continue to review recruitment processes to make all roles relevant and attract regardless of gender

Our approach to recruitment is one of the most important factors in defining our culture and future workforce composition. We firmly believe that embracing diversity enables us to perform better and succeed in a competitive market, and we’re committed to doing this at pace.

Carole Goldsmith, Director of People

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