How to grow a mini wildflower meadow

Bring your garden to life with a magical miniature wildflower meadow. Bees, butterflies and a host of other wildlife will thank you for it. And it will be beautiful too!

Time required
Half a day
Level of expertise needed
How to grow a mini wildflower meadow
A few hours' work can bring you months of summer colour


  • Meadow seed mix
  • Garden fork
  • Sand
  • Bucket
  • Bamboo canes
  • Rake

Time to sow?

You can sow your mini wildflower meadow in spring (March/April) or in early autumn (September).

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Top tip!

Protect newly-sown areas from hungry birds by stringing CDs on a line

Step 1
Step 1

Fork over the area you want to make into a meadow. Remove weeds and big stones, and rake the site level.

Step 2
Step 2

Blend the seed mix with dry sand to make it easier to apply evenly and show which areas have been sown.

Step 3
Step 3

Using canes, mark out a grid to help you sow evenly and according to the supplier's recommended rate. Broadcast the seed and sand mixture onto the soil using a wrist flicking motion.

Step 4
Step 4

Firm the bed down with the back of your rake. This ensures the seeds are in contact with the soil but aren't buried too deeply.

Step 5
Step 5

Protect your seeds from hungry birds by stringing CDs on a line over the bed. If the weather is dry while the seedlings are small, water them once a week.

Step 6
Step 6

Your meadow should be growing vigorously within a few weeks. Some plants can flower within six weeks; others will take a little longer.

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