Deer-resistant plants

Several species of deer may visit gardens and can cause severe damage to a wide range of plants. Although most plants can be attacked this page provides a list of garden plants that are relatively resistant to deer.

Buddleja is deer resistant.

Quick facts

Five usually deer resistant plants for:
Shade Hellebores
Full sun Kniphofia
Fruit Gooseberry
Shrub Choisya ternata
Climber Honeysuckle


Deer tend to be inquisitive feeders and are often attracted to new plantings, so some protective netting is advisable until the plants are established.

Practical considerations

Where feasible deer-proof fencing can be put around a garden to exclude deer.

Suitable plants

The Gardening Advice team is keen to hear from you if deer cause damage where you garden. Please help us by filling in our survey. Once we have collated the results, we hope to update this list of deer resistant plants. Thank you.

Plants to try where deer are problematic include:

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  • anonymous

    By anonymous on 17/04/2015

    I came home after being away for Easter, anxious to see if all the buds on my new magnolia had flowered. I was devastated to see that deer had eaten every single bud. The garden is fenced and the gate was closed but I saw a muntjac jump onto the compost heap and leap the fence.

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  • GarageGarden

    By GarageGarden on 21/06/2015

    It is an interesting list. A great help. A word of caution though - our currant bushes have proved to be a favourite with the roe deer, also choisya. They go for the kerria and the winter jasmine too - the last grow around the front door where we have found them on the step happily nibbling away. The worst vermin!

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