Citrus and Asian longhorn beetles

Citrus longhorn beetle, Anoplophora chinensis, and Asian longhorn beetle, A. glabripennis, are non-native wood-boring insects that can cause serious damage to a wide range of broad-leaved trees and shrubs. These beetles are not established in Britain and are quarantine organisms in the European Union. Any sightings should be reported via Tree Alert

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Citrus longhorn beetle adult and exit hole. Fera, ©Crown copyright, 2011

Quick facts

Common names Citrus longhorn beetle; Asian longhorn beetle
Scientific names Anoplophora chinensisA. glabripennis
Plants affected Acer spp, birch, hazel, citrus, apple and many other deciduous trees and shrubs
Main symptoms Large (6-11mm diameter) exit holes in the branches, trunk, stem base and exposed roots
Most active Adult beetles: July-August. Larvae: all year round

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