Foliar nematodes

Often called leaf and bud nematode these creatures are a widely distributed internal parasite of leaves, growth points, stems and other above ground plant parts. Foliar nematodes can be a particular problem on nursery stock and can spread to plants in gardens.

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Foliar nematode damage

Quick facts

Common names Foliar nematode, leaf and bud nematode, chrysanthemum eelworm
Latin names Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi and A. fragariae 
Plants affected Very wide host range including chrysanthemums, ferns, lilies, violets, begonias, strawberries etc.
Main symptoms Characteristic interveinal yellow, brown and black blotches most apparent at the end of growth season
Caused by Plant parasitic nematode
Timing If in sheltered locations can be present all year round

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