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Editors create and implement a strategy for an organisation’s online and print content, including articles, videos and social media posts. They often manage a team of writers and editors as well as writing and editing themselves

Training, qualifications and skills You can be trained on the job, though a research degree improves your analytical skills and writing ability. Courses and training on content marketing are readily available as are courses in people management and marketing, all of which are useful. In my experience, a formal horticultural qualification is nice, but not essential.
Career progression opportunities Head of content, head of communications or marketing manager, digital content manager for a larger organisation.
Useful links Garden Media Guild
Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading
Publishers Association

Focus on: Digital content manager

Fay Edwards
Alpine Garden Society
Full time, salary up to £45k

I decide which content to create for the Alpine Garden Society’s (AGS) website, social media channels and online platforms. I aim to make this so good, welcoming and informative that it attracts new members to the Society. If we don’t shout about the AGS, the vast knowledge of alpine plants that’s possessed by our members will simply die with them. This would be a travesty! So, I’m here to stop that from happening.

Start with a copywriting and be prepared to redraft your work to improve your standard. Learn about content marketing and how to use and interpret analytical tools to assess content performance.

I write and edit articles, videos and social posts, and lead a team in the creation of this content. I pay close attention to our stats to see whether our approach is working and I know we’re successful when people join the Society to access our content.

Focus on: Magazine editor

Chris Young
Full time, salary up to £65K

I oversee the production and editing of a monthly gardening magazine, which goes to all members of the RHS.
Being editor means being fully responsible for the direction, content and tone of the magazine. Not only am I representing the world of horticulture, I'm also representing our community of readers by the content I publish.

Use your passion and interest in the subject to enthuse your readers. Engaged readers means a lively and healthy magazine.

Working up to 18 months in advance, we are constantly planning and considering what to include: from planting and garden design, to the latest science or advice; from representing different view points and thoughts to inspiring and exciting people with the subject they love. Financial budgeting, people management, chairing meetings, interviewing people and delegation are all essential skills.

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