Nursery worker / manager

A nursery / flower farm manager looks after the day-to-day running and planning of the nursery site, which includes glasshouses, polytunnels and open field areas. The role ensures the best quality plants are grown, and requires liaison with operational and technical staff

Training, qualifications and skills Operational management within fast-moving consumer goods; eternal optimism; practical gardening experience. Business studies and specific research and courses will give you a stronger start
Career progression opportunities Operational management, technical management, cultural management; run own business
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British Growers
Commercial Horticultural Association
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Focus on: Flower farmer

Rosie Burgon
Scottish Cut Flowers
Full time, salary range variable
Tayside, Perthshire

I have a BSc (hons) degree in horticulture but I think I would have found my meandering way to flower farming with or without the qualification. I started the business because I had a light bulb moment – it was flower farming or nothing. I love working with the seasons, being outside and being my own boss.

There is no substitute for getting your hands dirty and learning on the job. I'd recommend volunteering and learning from an established flower farmer, then look into workshops and courses.

Every season is so different so there’s no chance to get bored. Winter is a time of clearing and resetting the field, crop planning for the year ahead and ordering supplies. Spring is so exciting as propagation kickstarts, spring crops are ready to pick and wedding season begins. Summer is non-stop harvesting and selling. Then autumn slows down in the field although the wedding season is full throttle and its time to get ready to host winter workshops.

Focus on: Site supervisor

Derrick Burgess
Fleurie Nursery
Full time, salary up to £35k
West Sussex

I oversee the day-to-day running of all aspects of the nursery’s Springfield site. I work with staff to ensure all are briefed on the day’s workload, and provide training where necessary.

Be prepared for something different every day. This is a role that let’s you be passionate about what you do.

I plan the working week ensuring the team have all the growing media and consumables available when they're needed – most importantly that there’s enough tea and coffee in the canteen. I liaise with and report to senior management on daily successes and flag any issues that may affect our production and ability to despatch.

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