Nursery technician / technician manager

A nursery technician assists the management of the horticultural business to ensure key details of watering, feeding and the general health of the plants is maintained

Training, qualifications and skills NVQ in Production Horticulture; PA1/PA6; COSHH; BASIS; FACTS
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Focus on: Site supervisor

Clare Morum
Fleurie Nursery
Full time, salary up to £35k
West Sussex

I’m responsible for ordering young plant material, liaising with suppliers, setting yearly plant targets, carrying out weekly crop inspections, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), crop spray programmes, new product development and yearly audit preparation.

It is hard work but very rewarding work. If you like a challenge and your days to be varied then horticulture is for you.

During the growing season I oversee the cultural work of the developing crops. I create a weekly spray / biological programme and report on each crop for three sites. As well as overseeing the incoming plant material and audit preparation, I’m also involved in new product development. In the off-peak season my main role changes to setting targets for the following year, placing orders for young plant material, and continuing with a reduced role of the growing season tasks.

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