Plant collector

Plant collectors/curators oversee the development of plant collections and are actively involved in all aspects of the garden's management

Training, qualifications and skills A higher horticultural qualification, for example the Kew Diploma in Horticulture, a degree and masters in an related subject, such as botany, taxonomy, conservation, and a PhD (not essential!) 
Career progression opportunities Consultancy, director of a botanical garden
Useful links CITES

Focus on: Plant collector/ curator

Andrew Gdaniec
Gibraltar Botanic Gardens
Full time, salary up to £45k

I am developing the collections with an emphasis on succulent plants. In addition to having beautiful planted displays for the enjoyment and education of visitors, my goal is to develop well-curated living collections to fulfil two additional functions: to provide a repository of genetic material to conserve plants, and to provide material for research.

A successful curator must demonstrate a passion for living plants, plant collections, field work and conservation, and needs qualifications in both horticulture and science. 

A big part of my work is organising and participating in collecting trips. I believe that studying plants in their native habitats is invaluable in understanding their cultivation, ecology, biogeography and taxonomy.

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