Social media plant stylist and advisor

Using the social media platforms, a plant stylist promotes different ways in which houseplants can be styled as home decor. An expert stylist may also offer advice on common plant problems, and provide followers with personalised advice for specific issues

Training, qualifications and skills Work-based horticultural experience; RHS Level 2 qualification
Career progression opportunities Blogger; business owner; social media – Instagram; writer; interior designer; indoor plant business
Useful links Garden Media Guild
International Social Media Association

Focus on: Social media plant stylist and advisor

Joe Bagley
Full time, salary range variable

I started out on Instagram as a hobby, styling houseplants and giving advice to people who saw my page and contacted me for help. I developed that role and now run my own houseplant advice website where readers will find articles on different aspects of houseplant care and maintenance. I contribute to two radio shows with BBC Leicester.

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