Social media content creator

Blogging and vlogging are increasingly popular with people posting on Instagram, YouTube and websites

Training, qualifications and skills Communication skills are important, good use of language, basic computer skills, photography skills and the ability to make videos
Career progression opportunities The sky is the limit. There are so many paths that this type of work can take you down. You’ll make more money from the doors that your profile opens for you than from your social media accounts.
Useful links Garden Media Guild
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Focus on: Social media content creator

Lucy Hutchings
Self employed
Full time, salary up to £25k

My work is different every day and includes diverse projects including promotional work, reporting, interviewing, writing, judging and reviewing. My job is unique by its nature. As a social media creator you must decide on the message you want to get across and the way you portray yourself. It’s personal to the individual and personality is key. My account loosely features grow-your-own but in reality, I feature all aspects and approaches to growing food in whatever space is available.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an easy job, I never stop working and my work requires a lot of research and time. I never know what I’ll be doing a month from now.

My aim is to move away from the traditional allotment growers’ image and show that there is always a way that you can grow a little of what you eat, and that it can be a beautiful part of your home. I post every single day, and reply to as many of my followers as possible. There are no days off.

Focus on: Blogger and gardener

Sally Wicks
Self employed

I blog on, which allows me to freely express my fascination with gardening, and landscape and garden design. I really enjoy the written word and photography so blogging is simply a great way to utilise both of these. 
My training was basically ‘on the job’. I just started to write seven years ago. I’ve now written more than 200 blogs about being a self-employed gardener through the four seasons. I started writing on a really wet and cold day when I was unable to get out to work. Blogging is a great way to document something you’re really interested in. I hope readers identify with my writing, the blog content and honesty of my successes as well as the gardening ideas that didn't quite go to plan.

Check out other gardening blogs. Look at layouts, subject matter and writing style. Which ones do you like? Keep your word count to a minimum and use high quality images.

Blogging is a  great way to express innovative design ideas that otherwise wouldn’t necessarily be published. But most importantly I really enjoy writing, and documenting my life as a practical gardener. I don’t foresee a time when I won’t write my blog.

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