Top RHS grow your own books

Gardening is the perfect way to grow healthy fruit and veg for you and your family to eat, particularly during this time of self isolation. Discover these inspiring books to help you get growing in your green space

RHS Allotment Handbook and Planner

Our fantastic planner is the go-to book for teaching you how to get the most out of your plot.

It gives you expert advice on sowing, growing, harvesting and storing your home-grown produce – teaching you the tricks of the trade to save money, time and effort. There's detailed information about RHS recommended vegetables and fruits as well as a fold-out month-by-month planner of what to do and when.
RHS Allotment Handbook and Planner cover

RHS Grow For Flavour

Well-known gardening TV and radio broadcaster, James Wong, uses a unique evidence-based approach to growing your own – it's all about getting the very best flavour from fruit and veg.

Aiming for maximum flavour with minimum labour he follows a ground-breaking set of scientific tips and tricks that new gardeners and experts alike can follow to increase the quality, flavour and health of their produce. There's advice on which crops to grow and 36 simple recipes to enhance the homegrown flavour of plot to plate.
RHS Grow for Flavour

“Discover maximum flavour with minimum labour”

James Wong, TV and radio broadcaster

RHS Step-by-Step Veg Patch

This informative book gives you easy practical information with clear photographs about sowing, nurturing and harvesting home-grown vegetables, covering more than 50 crops and 275 varieties. 

Learn how to plan your space whether you have a dedicated veg patch, raised beds or a collection of containers on a patio or balcony. Recently updated, there's information about the latest popular cultivars and heirloom varieties with an expanded trouble-shooting section about keeping your plants healthy.
RHS Step-by-Step Veg Patch cover

RHS Grow Your Own Veg & Fruit Bible

Make your dreams of delicious home-grown veg and fruit come true with this inspirational, authoritative guide from Carol Klein and the Royal Horticultural Society.

This lavishly illustrated guide is perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, offering a wealth of knowledge on growing fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs all year round. Practical and inspiring, it is an indispensable reference for every gardener’s bookshelf. From preparing a plot, planning what to plant, and how to grow any one of the 80 featured food plants, this is a book to which growers can return every year, whatever their level of expertise.

RHS Red Hot Chilli Grower

RHS Half-Hour Allotment

Manage your allotment and enjoy fresh vegetables throughout the year on just half an hour’s work a day, all hints and tips can be re-used in your garden at home. 

This book is full of ideas for planning the most effective use of your time and energy as well as making the most of your plot. Learn how to plan the layout of your allotment or space at home, find advice on choosing what to grow and how to grow it. Be inspired by this comprehensive directory of vegetables and fruit. 

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RHS The Half-Hour Allotment cover

RHS Plants from Pips

Avocados, apples, mangoes and tomatoes can all be grown from home for free, from pips that you would otherwise throw away.

This book shows you how to grow a range of fruit and vegetables from the common to the exotic, indoors and out, with minimum equipment and experience. This complete guide covers everything you need to know, from the science of how plants grow to dealing with pests and other problems. With colourful photographs and step-by-step illustrations this is the perfect way to introduce beginners of all ages to the joys of growing your own.

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RHS Plants from Pips

RHS Grow Your Own Crops in Pots

Want to grow your own vegetables and fruit but challenged by a lack of space? Find out how to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs in a range of containers and turn patios, balconies and window sills into productive spaces for all your home-grown produce.

There's advice on choosing and buying seeds and plants for pots; how to nurture, protect and water vegetables and fruit; harvesting and solving common problems, and how to make the best of a metre-square planter all year round. 

(RRP £16.99)
RHS Grow Your Own Crops in Pots

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