Even now in late winter time the days are already lengthening and the precious sunlight is creeping over the cold earth warming the soil and bringing the promise of new life.  From times immemorial this is that vital period when, if man is to survive, he must plant the seeds for the crops which will grow through the coming months and allow his family to live and thrive.  Life for agrarian societies, dependent as they were on the land, was harsh and even mere existence was a tenuous affair.  Starvation was a constant threat in such people’s life.  Freshly sown seed and tender new growth were always in need of protection from the brutal forces of nature which conspired to destroy man’s future scarce resources of food.   Birds and especially the Corvid family have always plagued farmers, descending en masse on the freshly ploughed and sown winter fields to sate their voracious appetites on man’s hard won crops. 


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