Renovation of the stream field border

Change is an essential part of keeping any garden refreshed, healthy and attractive

Overgrown borderAs one of the new Horticulturists here at RHS Garden Rosemoor, I have been made responsible for specific garden areas. One of these is a relatively compact plot, adjacent to the stream just below the rock gully. It is an area full of interesting and attractive plants which have over time become overgrown, intermixed and in some cases reduced in condition.

Planning the border

Our exciting garden design plan is to create a view from the top of the stream field, through the orchard to the vegetable garden shelter, and to plant in such a way so as to mirror the stream-side plantings and to create a green introduction to the rock gully.

Clearing the borderWith this in mind I have set about the area with gusto, felling a large cherry tree, removing a magnolia, cutting back foliage and splitting up a number of overgrown plants to refresh the clumps. I've also lifted a large mat of shallow roots - making sure that established bulbs were not disturbed - while all the time keeping the area neat and tidy for the benefit of our passing visitors.

Preparing the next stage

Having nearly completed this first phase, plans for the next steps are already taking shape. These include the digging up and relocating of a Euonymus hamiltonianus subsp. sieboldianus 'Coral Charm' and the application of a thick layer of our own compost to add depth to the border, and also to enrich the soil prior to the new planting plan.

As any gardener will tell you, it is great to see a project through from the rough beginnings to the finished article. There is without doubt much more work to do, so watch this space!

Border plant list

These are the plants which we worked with during the renovation:Liriope muscari

  • Prunus padus 'Watereri' AGM (removed).

  •  Magnolia sieboldii (removed).

  •  Philadelphus purpurascens (heavily pruned).

  •  Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Firetail' (significantly reduced).

  •  Epimedium perralderianum (significantly reduced).

  •  Liriope muscari AGM (significantly reduced).

  •  Eurybia divaricata (significantly reduced).

  •  Astilbe 'Kvële' (× arendsii) (relocated).

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