Coneygear Park Community Growing Garden

This once-unused area in a community park in Cambridgeshire, England will be transformed into a growing space where residents can discover the joy of gardening together

The first of the RHS Community Grant Scheme recipients to be revealed on the BBC’s The One Show, the ‘Coneygear Park Community Growing Garden’ will become a thriving green space created by leading designer Arit Anderson. Accessible to all, the garden will be managed by local groups coming together to grow fruit and vegetables for the community café and fridge scheme.

A sustainable space for growing together

Arit’s beehive-inspired vision for the garden will provide plenty of growing areas alongside relaxed seating, designed to reduce social isolation following the success of local projects such as 'Natter Box', which brought residents together safely during lockdown.

“When turning to nature for inspiration, bees and beehives came to mind. They represent interconnectedness, organisation, teamwork and dedication and it's these qualities that Huntingdon demonstrates, and I wanted to incorporate into their garden.”

Arit Anderson, Garden Designer

Connecting the community

Natasha Pierson coordinator of Huntingdon In Bloom, the community gardening group that applied for the grant, said:  “So many different groups use our community centre and having a beautiful space outside where different generations can meet and interact in a safe environment will be of huge benefit for mental, physical and social wellbeing.”


The locations of the other community gardens receiving RHS Community Grant Scheme funding are: Randalstown (Northern Ireland), Paisley (Scotland) and Blaenavon (Wales). All four projects receive an additional £15,000
over the course of three years to support the groups’ work within their communities.

Get involved

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