Spring-flowering anemones

Growing from underground rhizomes or tubers, these small plants create patches of glowing colour in spring. They range from demure woodlanders (such as our native Anemone nemorosa) to vibrant Mediterranean sun-lovers (such as A. coronaria). Plant in drifts under deciduous trees and shrubs or in smaller groups with other spring-flowering plants.


In mid- to late spring, flowers like daisies or gleaming buttercups open above dainty, often fern-like leaves. Colours include white, pink, magenta, red or blue.


Woodland anemones prefer dappled shade, while Mediterranean types need a sheltered, sunny spot in light, sandy soil or in a container.


These anemones dislike deep shade and waterlogged soil, which can lead to rotting. Mediterranean types may not survive harsh or wet winters outside, so benefit from protection in colder locations.

Did you know?

Before planting, soak the dry rhizomes or tubers in water for several hours, or overnight, to rehydrate them and encourage them to sprout. 

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