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Tender buddlejas

Tender buddlejas that need winter protection like B. madagascariensis are particularly worth growing if you have a conservatory or greenhouse. They can offer winter flower and fragrance, but  some can be moved outside in containers for the summer. In mild coastal areas or cities, experiment with growing some of these types outdoors year round.


These buddlejas are tall shrubs. They are mostly evergreen or semi-evergreen, with grey through to dark green leaves and sweetly fragrant, lilac, orange, yellow or white flowers. Flowers are clustered into balls or longer spikes at the end of shoots.


Tender buddlejas need free-draining compost with added grit or perlite. If grown outdoors in mild locations, pick a sheltered, sunny wall for added protection.


None will tolerate prolonged freezing temperatures, excessive winter wet, cold winds or shade.

Did you know?

Tender buddlejas come in a much greater range of flower and leaf colours than the well-known butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii). And some tender forms such as Buddleja colvilei and Buddleja farreri get tougher with age, so mature plants could be risked planted outdoors against a sunny wall in sheltered places, in cities or on the south coast for example.

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