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Common name: Mums, chrysanths

These traditional favourites bring a welcome boost of colour in late summer and autumn. Their flowers, in a wide choice of shapes, sizes and hues, reinvigorate borders and containers as temperatures start to fall.


The flowers have many different forms, from open daisies to multi-petalled pompoms, large and small. They come in lots of colours and shades, from pink, purple and red, to orange, yellow and white.


Chrysanthemums enjoy a warm, sunny, sheltered spot, with fertile, well-drained soil. Water and feed regularly, and protect them from frost.


Most won’t survive heavy frosts or waterlogged soil. They don’t perform well in dry conditions, poor soil or shade.

Did you know?

Chrysanthemums work well with other autumn-flowering border plants, such as salvias, sedums and asters, as well as ornamental grasses.

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