Tree and shrub cotoneasters

Botanical name: Cotoneaster

Common name: Cotoneaster

Taller cultivars of cotoneasters are ideal for giving height in gardens where a larger tree cannot be accommodated. In borders, they make an excellent foil for other plants, with evergreen cultivars providing year-round structure. Their abundance of flowers and berries are beneficial to wildlife. 


Initially upright, these vigorous shrubs often have arching stems and can be tree-like in outline once mature. Creamy-white late spring flowers are usually followed by red-orange or yellow berries.


These plants thrive in a range of soil types in sun or part-shade.


Shrub cotoneasters do not do well in excessively wet soil or in deep shade. Evergreens dislike exposure to severe, frost-laden winds in winter.

Did you know?

Berrying branches can be used in winter arrangements and wreaths as a thornless alternative to holly.

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