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Botanical name: Epipremnum

Common name: Pothos, devil’s ivy

Prized for its glossy heart-shaped leaves, this easy-to-grow climber looks great in a hanging planter or on a high shelf, with its long stems cascading down. It can also be grown up a moss-covered pole, to make an attractive vertical feature.


This evergreen climber produces long, leafy stems that can reach 2m (6½ft) or more, either trailing or climbing a moss-covered pole. The leaves are usually heart-shaped, glossy and bright green, spotted or streaked with white or yellow, depending on the cultivar.


Epipremnum prefers bright, indirect light, but will also grow in some shade, although at a slower rate. Water regularly but not excessively – let the top 2cm (1in) of compost dry out between waterings. Wipe the leaves occasionally with a damp cloth to remove any dust.


Although easy-going and adaptable, this plant should be kept out of direct sun in summer, as the foliage can scorch. Deep shade can lead to poor growth and less variegation in the leaves, and cold draughts can be damaging. Overwatering, especially in winter, can rot the roots.

Did you know?

This plant is toxic, so keep it away from children and pets. It is sometimes still sold under its previous name of Scindapsus.

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