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Annual leucanthemum

Blooming abundantly all summer, these mainly compact annuals are ideal for growing towards the front of a border, where they fill gaps left by earlier-flowering plants. These short-lived plants are also suitable for rock gardens and summer containers. Examples include Leucanthemum paludosum.


Producing lots of white or pale yellow daisy flowers over a long period in summer, they form bushy, low-growing, robust plants, usually 15–25cm (6–10in) tall. They are grown as annuals in the UK, and generally die in late autumn.


Annual leucanthemums like full sun and will grow in most garden soils that drain easily.


They do not like permanently wet or excessively dry soils, and will not flower well in shade.

Did you know?

Like many other daisies, the flowers of annual leucanthemums close up when the skies are overcast, opening again once the sun shines on them.

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