Growing guide

How to grow nerines

Great for adding a splash of late colour to sun-baked borders and containers in autumn, these bulbs produce dainty flowers in particularly vivid shades of pink, as well as bright white and rich red. They like a really hot, dry spot, and most species aren’t reliably hardy, so it’s advisable to bring them indoors over winter in most parts of the UK.

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Quick facts

  • Long-lasting blooms in shades of pink, red and white 
  • Nerine produce their flowers in autumn
  • Purchase and plant dry bulbs in late summer
  • Hardy Nerine bowdenii bloom well at the foot of a warm, south-facing wall
  • Grow frost-tender nerine (Guernsey lily) in pots and provide greenhouse protection
  • Cut off spent flower heads, unless seed is required, and remove foliage as it dies back
  • Nerine can be propagated from seed, division of clumps, or by chipping the bulbs

All you need to know

Before you get started
Ongoing care
Pruning and training
While we think all this information will be helpful to you, we always recommend to read the instruction labels on your plants.

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