Pelargoniums with trailing stems

The most unusual of the pelargoniums, these plants are ideal for hanging baskets or to edge a large container or windowbox, pouring out a succession of flowers.


These pelargoniums have fleshy, often glossy or variegated, ivy-like leaves (so are referred to as ‘ivy-leaved’) along trailing stems that end in clusters of single or double flowers. Some have short-jointed stems.


Ivy-leaved pelargoniums need well-drained soil in full sun. In containers, add grit, perlite or vermiculite to the compost. Additions of fertiliser improve flowering.


Ivy-leaved pelargoniums will not thrive in wet soil or compost and will not flower in shade. Although they are drought tolerant, the plants become stunted if regularly kept too dry.

Did you know?

Shortening stems periodically can promote branching and limit the extent of the plant.

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