All about the 2020 RHS Plant Finder

With 3,500 new additions to the 81,000 entries in the 2020 Plant Finder, the new edition remains an essential plant book

With fewer plants dropping out this year and over 3,500 plants added, the new 2020 edition includes over 81,000 plants with guidance on where to buy them.

RHS Plant Finder 2020There’s also full details of 530 nurseries, including 50 nurseries not previously included.

All 6,000 RHS Award of Garden Merit plants flagged up and also come with a note of the RHS hardiness rating – frankly, I’m looking forward the day when every plant has a hardiness rating. One of these days…

New to this edition is an interesting feature outlining the results of the extensive RHS research on pollinators and other garden insects, a wide range or cacti and other succulents are now included for the first time as are Award of Garden Merit fruits and vegetables.

This year’s illustrated choice of interesting newcomers to the new edition is so tempting. I just wish they’d re-instate the detailed maps which made The Plant Finder an essential as it burst out of the glove compartment.

The nomenclatural updates in the front of the book will shock gardeners who’ve not been paying attention this last year:
•    Rosmarinus and Perovskia are now included in Salvia
•    Zauschneria has moved back into Epilobium
•    Gaura has been amalgamated into Oenothera
•    Bulbocodium and Merendera are now grouped under Colchicum.
•    Japanese knotweed has changed its name – again! It’s now back to Reynoutria japonica. And I don’t care what the botanists might say – it must never be moved again!

The rest of the book, of course, features the most authoritative and comprehensive up-to-date plant nomenclature found anywhere in the world.

This essential guide to 81,000 plants and where to buy them comes with so much extra! You know you’ve got to have it….

Over the next few posts I’ll be highlighting the new introductions that are carried by the most suppliers, and so most easily available, but of course things are a little different, now, from when the book went to press back in early March. Even when permitted, please don’t travel to visit nurseries without checking their website or ringing to make sure they’re actually open.

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