Annual and biennial scabious

Botanical name: Scabiosa

These scabious are ideal for plugging gaps in cottage garden style plantings. Sow seed in spring for summer flowers (annuals) or in autumn for flowers the following spring (biennials).


Branching, wiry stems carry a succession of flowers in white, pink, mauve and crimson. They comprise a mass of short petals packed into a central dome surrounded by longer petals.


These scabious do best in well-drained soil, preferably alkaline rather than acidic, in a sunny position.


Heavy, wet soils can cause the plants to rot off before they reach flowering size. They will not flower in a shaded position.

Did you know?

Scabiosa stellata produces attractive seed-heads, which can be allowed to develop on the plant then cut for use in dried flower arrangements.

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