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Common name: Star jasmine

With its richly perfumed white flowers, Trachelospermum jasminoides is an increasingly popular climber for a warm sunny spot. Its evergreen foliage provides year-round interest on a sheltered wall, archway or other support. In colder regions it may need winter protection.


This twining woody climber produces clusters of scented white flowers in summer. These stand out against its glossy dark green leaves, which may become tinted with red in winter. It can eventually grow to 4m (13ft) or more.


Plant star jasmine in a warm, sheltered, sunny spot, with fertile free-draining soil. It is happy in borders or containers, as long as it has a support to climb up.


Star jasmine won’t fare well in soggy ground, windy sites or very cold locations where temperatures consistently fall below -5˚C (23˚F) in winter. Make sure it doesn’t dry out in summer.

Did you know?

While its woody stems help to hold this plant upright, it can’t grip on to vertical walls unaided, so needs supporting wires or trellis to twine around. 

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