Climbers and wall shrubs for sun

A sunny wall provides a great opportunity to grow a wide range of shrubs and climbers that thrive in warm sheltered conditions, including many exotic species. So take your pick from our selection of colourful, high-rise sunlovers.


Wall shrubs and twining climbers have scrambling stems that need a support, such as a trellis or horizontal wires on which to grow, while self-clinging climbers such as ivy, can grow up vertical surfaces and supports unaided.
These sunloving climbers and wall shrubs can be evergreen (retaining their leaves all year) or deciduous (losing their leaves over winter) and often produce a profusion of vibrant flowers.


These plants love to stretch out against a wall or fence that gets sun for most of the day, revelling in the extra protection and reflected heat. They usually enjoy free-draining soil that doesn't get waterlogged, and the more tender types prefer to be grown in containers to enable bringing them indoors over winter to keep frost free.


These sunlovers will weaken and stop flowering if grown in too shady a spot. The more tender types will not tolerate an exposed position particularly in winter. 

Did you know?

Sunny walls absorb heat during the day and release it at night, keeping nearby plants warmer than those  elsewhere in the garden. They also provide additional shelter and protection, giving you the perfect opportunity to grow plants from much warmer climes.

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