Popular, diverse and versatile, perennials fill our gardens with colour and interest in every season, and there’s a huge range of easy-to-grow, free-flowering options to choose from.

They’re available in many shapes and sizes, with flowers in every colour imaginable, and when planted in borders or containers they can perform for many years.  


Some of our most beautiful garden plants are perennials, grown for their colourful flowers or attractive foliage. Perennials don’t have a woody structure, unlike shrubs and trees. Deciduous types die down to the roots every autumn, while evergreen perennials keep their leaves all year round.


There are perennials to suit all soil types and garden conditions, from sun-seeking salvias to shade-loving hostas, drought-tolerant succulents to aquatic waterlilies.


Some perennials need specific conditions, such as full sun or acid soil, and won’t thrive if planted in an unsuitable location, so always check the label before planting.

Did you know?

Perennials are great value, as they can live for many years. They’re often easy to propagate too, so you can make more plants for free, by dividing clumps, taking cuttings or collecting and sowing the seeds.

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