Summer-interest shrubs

These shrubs offer beautiful blooms, in every choice of colour, across the summer months. The larger shrubs act as a great floral backdrop to borders or eye-catching stand-alone features. The smaller ones sit happily nearer the fron of borders, or lining pathways. Many have flowers that attract butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects.


The shrubs that flower at this time shrubs are numerous and varied, with many different flower colours, foliage  types and styles of growth


Many are sun-lovers from warmer climes like cistus and lavender, although there are plenty for all garden situations.


In hot, dry spells, flowering may diminish. When newly planted, shrubs are susceptible to drying out, so keep them well watered for at least their first year.

Did you know?

One of the most popular summer-flowering shrubs is the hydrangea, and these plants can also be a useful indicator of your soil type. With most hydrangeas, if the blooms are blue, then your soil is acidic, and if they are pink, then it is alkaline. You can assist blue hydranges to retain their colour, by adding aluminium products to the soil, which are available from garden centres for this purpose

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