Trees for containers

There are various compact trees that can be grown in large containers, from miniature fruit trees to elegant Japanese maples. Planted in attractive containers, they are extremely versatile and decorative, ideal for framing an entrance or as a focal point in a kitchen garden, on a patio or at the end of a path or vista.


The distinctive feature of these trees is that they are naturally small, usually less than 2m (6½ft) tall. They can be evergreen or deciduous (losing their leaves over winter), and may produce flowers and fruits.


As they are in containers, these plants need regular watering and feeding. Plant them in a soil-based compost, in a large, heavy container that won’t blow over. They usually prefer a warm, sheltered spot.


Take care not to let the compost dry out which can happen quickly in hot weather, or become waterlogged in winter. Trees usually dislike having congested roots, so inspect every couple of years by removing the pot and if the roots become overcrowded, move the plant into a larger container.

Did you know?

Olive trees grow well in containers in a sunny spot – and given the right conditions they can easily live for many years.

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