Fruit trees

From apples and plums to figs and oranges, many trees produce delicious fruits in summer and autumn. Compact forms are usually available, making them suitable for even the smallest gardens. Many fruit trees also produce pretty blossom, and some offer colourful foliage in autumn too.


With spring blossom and branches laden with fruit in summer or autumn, these trees are a beautiful and bountiful asset to any garden. They can be large, medium or surprisingly small in stature.


These productive plants usually like fertile, well-drained soil. Make sure they get plenty of water when the fruits are swelling. Most prefer a sunny spot, where they will produce the sweetest fruits.


Avoid planting in a particularly frost-prone or windy spot, as this can lead to poor pollination and therefore fewer fruits. Lack of water can also lead to reduced fruiting.

Did you know?

Different apple cultivars can be grafted onto an an apple tree so that one tree provides different varieties of apples. Known as a ‘family’ tree, it’s the perfect solution for apple lovers who only have room for one tree. Pear trees can also have other varieties of pears grafted onto them and so on..
Family trees can be bought from fruit tree suppliers ­or why not have a go at creating one yourself? See our grafting advice page to find out how.

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