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In rich shades of purple, mauve, ruby, pink and white, verbenas and glandularias (until recently included in Verbena) are popular as summer bedding in borders and containers. Hardier types include the ever-popular, tall and airy Verbena bonariensis, for sunny borders. All have a long flowering season.


Bedding verbenas have domed clusters of small flowers – purple, deep red, pink or white – through summer and into autumn. Hardier perennial verbenas include Verbena bonariensis, which has tall, slender stems, topped with mauve flowers.


Verbenas love full sun, warmth and well-drained soil. They are happy in borders and containers.


Plants won’t flower in shade and tend to rot in very wet soil. They generally dislike cold and may be killed by frost.

Did you know?

Verbena bonariensis usually lives for several years but can succumb to a hard frost. Still, it seeds itself freely, so new plants usually appear to replace any losses.

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