Sooty blotch and fly speck of apples

These blemish diseases are caused by unrelated fungi, but both result in dark fungal growth on the surface of the fruit. Apples are affected most commonly, but the fungi may also be found on pears, plums and citrus fruit. Eating or cooking quality is not affected. The diseases are most common in wet summers.

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Sooty blotch on apples

Quick facts

Common name Sooty blotch and flyspeck
Scientific name Gloeodes pomigena (sooty blotch), Schizothyrium pomi (flyspeck)
Plants affected Apple, pear, plum, citrus
Main symptoms Sooty, dark green to black patches on the fruit (sooty blotch), clusters of tiny black dots on the fruit (flyspeck) 
Caused by Fungi
Timing Summer and early autumn. Sooty blotch may continue to spread during storage of the fruit

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