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RHS Grow is a gardening app that makes it incredibly easy to identify plants, keep track of the plants you have, receive tips on how to care for them, and get help and advice. The app gives you access to 200 years of knowledge from botanists, scientists, fruit and veg experts and RHS specialist advisors - helping you to grow plants with confidence.

We know you will have questions. So we have gathered together common questions in the following categories:


FAQ’s: RHS Grow general information

How to get the app and related questions

How much does it cost to download RHS Grow?

RHS Grow has both free and paid for features. You can download RHS Grow and enjoy the free version, or sign up to our monthly or yearly subscription to access all features. All subscriptions start with a free trial period. Once the free trial has ended, RHS Grow is £3.99 a month or £39.99 a year (16% saving). You can cancel your subscription any time.

The RHS Grow app is separate to RHS Membership and available to everyone as part of our commitment to supporting gardening throughout the UK.

If you downloaded RHS Grow when it was free you will not be automatically charged later - you will need to choose to sign up to the paid version.

Is there a free trial for RHS Grow?

We offer all users a free trial, if you cancel before the free trial period is over you will not be charged.

I'm an RHS member, do I need to pay for RHS Grow?

RHS Grow is separate to RHS membership and available to everyone. The RHS is a charity and we will continue to develop Grow as part of our commitment to supporting gardening throughout the UK. To do this we need to cover the costs of the app.

We believe Membership already provides excellent value for money; free visits to the five RHS Gardens for you and a family member all year round (Individual Membership) or up to seven people; three family adults and four children (Joint Membership); events at RHS Gardens are free or discounted for members. You also receive The Garden Magazine every month, worth £59.40 alone. Plus, discounted tickets to RHS Flower Shows and access to the member advice service. You also have access to 220 RHS Partner Gardens to visit for free, at selected times.

How do I download RHS Grow?

RHS Grow is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. You can download RHS Grow onto any smartphone or tablet.

To install RHS Grow on iOS devices:
Go to the App Store on your Apple device and search for 'RHS Grow'. Tap Get and then Install.

To install RHS Grow Android devices:
Go to the Android Market or Google Play Store on your device and search for 'RHS Grow'. Tap Install.

Is RHS Grow available in different languages?

RHS Grow is only available is English (UK).

Can I use RHS Grow outside of the United Kingdom?

Unfortunately, at launch this app is only available within the UK due to being a UK based charity and the costs that would be incurred by making it internationally available.

If you'd like us to note your interest in RHS Grow becoming available overseas, please email [email protected] and we will certainly monitor the interest the app gathers.

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FAQ’s: Managing your account

Account, sign-in and password guidance

I'm having problems signing in, what shall I do?

If you are a current My RHS user, you can use the same log in details for RHS Grow as you use with My RHS on the RHS website.

If you do not have a My RHS account, you will need to sign up for RHS Grow using an email address and password. Your password must contain 8-20 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one number and one special character.

If you are experiencing issues receiving your verification code during sign up, please check your email account associated with your RHS Grow account and check your social, promotion and spam folders. If you have still not received a verification code, please contact [email protected].

If you are experiencing other sign up or log in problems, for example error messages, difficulty setting up a password etc please contact [email protected].

I've forgotten my password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, simply tap 'Forgotten password' on the sign in screen, and you will be emailed a verification code to the email address associated with you RHS Grow account.

Once you have received a verification code by email, enter it into the app and you will be able to reset your password.

Your password must contain 8-20 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one number and one special character.

If you are still experiencing issues please contact [email protected].

How can I change my password or details on RHS Grow?

You can update your email address by logging in to My RHS on the web with your RHS Grow app log in credentials. From the navigation, select "Account" > "My Details", and then "Edit" next to your email/username. You can update other account details such as name, password and communication preferences at any time by going to the RHS Grow app homepage and clicking the settings icon on the top right.

What is happening to My Garden?

Many of the features in My Garden will only be available on RHS Grow. You'll still be able to view and add to your plant lists in My Garden but all other features such as My Calendar and care tip communications will only be available upon subscription to RHS Grow. RHS Members will still be able to access their Member's area on the web.

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FAQ’s: 'How to' questions

Making use of key app features to get you started

How do I add a plant?

To add a plant, tap 'Discover' and search for the plant or flower you would like to add.

Select the plant you want and tap 'Add plant' in the bottom right-hand corner. Then select which Collection or Wishlist you would like to add the plant to, or create a new Collection and Wishlist and add the plant there.

You can also add plants by using Plant ID, or by going to “My Plants” and clicking “Add plant”

How do I use the Plant Identifier?

To use the Plant Identifier, tap the Camera icon in the bottom middle of your screen device.

Take a photo, ensuring the plant flowers or leaves are in focus and in natural light. Or tap the photo icon on the bottom left of your screen device to add a photo from your photo gallery on your phone.

Then tap 'Use this photo' and wait for RHS Grow to find a match.

Tap 'New photo' to find another plant using the Plant Identifier

How do I get care tips to help my plants thrive?

Tap 'Care tips' on the bottom right of your screen device to find monthly reminders and tips of how to keep your plants blooming

To explore the tips, tap the button on the Care Tips calendar - for example 'Pruning & Training' - and you can tick off the tips you have done by tapping the small circular button to the left of the screen.

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FAQ’s: Common problems

Help with common problems and how to overcome them

Why don't all plants on RHS Grow have an image?

Not all plants within RHS Grow have default images just yet. We are aware this can make it difficult to identify a plant when searching and are working on improving our image collection.

In future, you will be able to add your own images to the plants you have saved in Collections or Wishlists so you can easily spot them within your collections.

How can I contact support?

If you would like to give us feedback on any problems you are experiencing, suggest ideas for new features or tell us what you're enjoying about RHS Grow, please contact [email protected].

Plant Identifier isn't recognising my plants, what should I do?

Here are a few tips to try to help identify a plant:

  • Take a close-up photograph of the plant you are trying to identify. The more detail we can see on the leaves or flowers the better, so we can identify the plant for you.
  • Adjust the camera or angle until the plant is in focus.
  • It helps to have a good amount of natural light so try to take a photo when it's bright.

The app crashes or shows error messages. What shall I do?

If you are having problems using RHS Grow, please check for updates on the App Store or Google Play and install the latest version which usually includes bug fixes. If you are still experiencing problems while using RHS Grow please contact [email protected].

When searching for a plant, it isn't always found. What should I do?

First make sure the plant name is spelt correctly. If you're still unable to find the plant you're looking for, we recommend trying the alternative Latin or common name.

We're continuing to improve RHS Grow to make it easier to search and find plants you're looking for, so in future you should find fewer issues searching for the plants you love.

Why doesn't my plant have any care tips?

To tell if your plant will have any care tips, you can either view your care tip calendar or go to your plant and see if any care tips display on it's profile.

Don't worry if you don't see any tips, it probably means you can relax this month as there are no tasks to do for your plant just yet. We are always increasing the amount of plants that have calendar information and we're working on the most popular ones first.

There are more than 300,000 plants in our database - we hope to have your plant covered in time!

Why am I not receiving notifications on my device from RHS Grow?

To stay up to date on how to care for your plants, you can receive alerts on your device with monthly tips and reminders to keep your plants thriving.

You can turn on alerts from RHS Grow by going to settings on your device and turning notifications on for RHS Grow.

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FAQs: Payment questions

Supporting your subscription related questions

What is the paywall, and why are we introducing it?

The paywall is a feature that restricts access to certain parts of the RHS Grow app, requiring a subscription to unlock full access. We're introducing it to support the development of high-quality content, new features, and improvements within the app, all while focusing on sustainable gardening and improving biodiversity. Your subscription directly contributes to these efforts.

How can I purchase a subscription?

You can purchase a subscription directly within the RHS Grow app. Simply navigate to a locked feature, select "learn more" and choose your preferred subscription plan, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

For iOS
You'll be prompted to confirm your purchase with your Apple ID, either through Face ID, Touch ID, or entering your Apple ID password.

For Android
You'll be asked to confirm your purchase with your Google account, following which the payment will be processed.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled during the free trial period (of which you will not be charged), or at any time during your subscription term meaning your subscription will not renew, but you can continue to access the full RHS Grow experience until the date your subscription ends.

For iOS
Subscriptions can be managed or cancelled by going to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on your name, then tap 'Subscriptions.' Here, you'll see a list of all your subscriptions, including RHS Grow. You can choose to manage or cancel your subscription from this screen.

For Android
To manage or cancel your subscription, open the Google Play Store app, tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines), then tap 'Subscriptions.' Find the RHS Grow subscription and tap on it. From here, you can manage your subscription settings or cancel the subscription.

What should I do if I'm having trouble with my subscription?

If you're experiencing any issues with your subscription, please first ensure that you're logged into the correct account on your device. If the problem persists, contact our customer support team by emailing [email protected]. Please provide details of the issue, and we'll assist you as quickly as possible.

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Our inbox, [email protected], is always available if you need to email us with more detailed questions.

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