Lydia Walles

Lydia works within the digitisation team to ensure the RHS Herbarium specimens are photographed beautifully and have accurate information associated with them so they can be made available online to an international audience

What do you do?

I photograph new and updated specimens at a high resolution so they can be examined in detail online. I also ensure all the data relevant to each specimen is accurate and up to date, including implementing any nomenclature changes. As a Herbarium Curator, I assist in the curation and preservation of the RHS Herbarium collection as well as supporting the team at public-facing events.

“I love knowing that I am making these beautiful specimens available to the online world.”

Why is your team’s research important?

The RHS Herbarium is the largest herbarium dedicated to cultivated plants in the UK. The specimens we hold are used by botanists to identify plants and also provide an historical record of what plants have grown and where. The Digitisation team is enabling anyone, anywhere in the world, to be able to access this information, opening up new channels of knowledge to botanists.

Projects I’m working on now

  • Digitisation of all the current specimens in the RHS Herbarium
  • Moving all our images to a more secure, more accessible home


I've completed an RHS Level 2 Principles of Horticulture qualification and have almost finished my RHS Level 3 Principles of Horticulture.

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