John Scrace

John diagnoses the causes of member’s plant problems from their plant samples and online enquiries

What do you do?

My main area of work is diagnosing the causes of member’s plant problems – by examining photographs or plant samples by eye or under the microscope, backed up by scientific techniques such as humid incubation chambers, agar cultures, serological tests or DNA analysis.
I also carry out research into potential new diseases and lecture on plant health to students studying for the RHS Diploma in Horticultural Practice.

“Every day, when I start work, there’s the possibility of finding something new to the UK, or even to science. Unfortunately for gardeners, it’s usually a plant disease.”

Why is your team’s research important?

The health of plants – growing in our gardens and in nature – has probably never been under such a threat as now.
From the current problems with ash dieback, to the huge potential consequences should Xylella arrive in the UK, gardeners need to be aware of the threats. My job is to help them understand the risks and what they can do to combat them, not only in response to new threats but also existing common diseases that still have an impact on their individual gardens.


I am proud that I help RHS members with their gardening problems on a daily basis. It’s always satisfying receiving letters and emails thanking me for my help. It’s also great if I have played a small role when one of my students decides that they want to pursue a career in the plant sciences.


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