At the RHS we carry out extensive work on plant pests, diseases and sustainable horticultural practice.

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We also research how to make British gardens even more wildlife-friendly. One way we're leading the biodiversity agenda is through research projects such as Plants for Bugs. This groundbreaking research revealed that a mixture of native and non-native ornamental plants may provide the best resources for pollinating insects in gardens. The initial findings from the project have been published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, with more results still to come.

As Plants for Bugs Project Manager, Helen Bostock, describes:

“These findings will help gardeners to confidently pack their borders, windowboxes and allotments with flowers without getting hung up on the idea that they are somehow doing the ‘wrong thing’ if the plants are not all UK natives.”

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No other charity invests so much as the RHS in the scientific study of horticulture. Our work creates greater knowledge of cultivated plant diversity in the UK. We share our research findings as widely as possible, offering gardeners practical solutions to cope with our changing climate and its effects.


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