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Weekends at RHS Garden Harlow Carr / RHS Gardening


Of particular interest is our newest monkshood ( Aconitum ) , which is a diminutive white version of its bigger blue cousin and is called Aconitum ?Ivorine...
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Aconitum carmichaelii Arendsii Group...Aconitum (monkshood) - poisonous...Aconitum
Poisonous plants at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park / RHS Gardening


Monkshood ( Aconitum...With its spires of blue to dark-purple flowers lasting from mid-summer to early autumn and ability to thrive in sun or dappled shade, it?s easy to see why Aconitum is widely planted
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A wonderful combination of Aconitum, Helianthus and Selinum at RHS Garden Harlow Carr...Aconitum carmichaelii (Arendsii Group) 'Arendsii' at RHS Garden Harlow Carr...The aconitum?s common name is monk's hood and when I studied it closely I could see why, as it did look very much like the cowl a monk might wear
Take Hampton Court home - planting ideas / RHS Gardening


Glorious Morina longiflora (80cm (30in) produces showy heads of small but long-tubed pink and white flowers that appear over several weeks - here it made an impressively colour-themed show alongside pink-flowered chicory and pale blue Aconitum...
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In September, it contrasts well with its neighbours ? the moody blue Aconitum carmichaelii ?Arendsii? , the electric blue Symphyotrichum , the fragrant racemes of Actaea simplex and the stately Leucanthemum serotina...
RHS Garden Rosemoor: Plant of the month blog / RHS Gardening


For a contrast in form and colour, try herbaceous plants in the blue colour range such as Aconitum , Aster × frikartii 'Mönch' AGM and Liriope muscari AGM...

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