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Yarrow in lawns / RHS Gardening


It will vigorously regrow from creeping underground stems and seed, outcompeting lawn grass to produce large drought-resistant patches...When grass is weakened by long periods of drought and lack of plant nutrients, yarrow thrives and can quickly establish in a lawn...Note: Avoid feeding a lawn when it is drought-stressed
Coarse grasses in lawns / RHS Gardening


Coarser leaf blades may have poor drought tolerance or a tendency to flower at a low height...Some types of creeping grasses tend to become more apparent in periods of drought, particularly on light, quick-drying soils...Coarse grasses can become invasive, especially where the lawn suffers from compaction, drought, or excessive mowing
Graham Rice's new plants blog: Colourful, new agastaches / RHS Gardening


Four colourful new drought-tolerant agastache hybrids are now available...More recently the focus has turned to the shorter, more drought-tolerant types derived from species native to California and Mexico, with large flowers often in fiery shades...Both groups give us colourful spikes of flowers and aromatic foliage, but it is in this second group that most of the development is now taking place: extending the range of colours and increasing the hardiness and drought tolerance being the main targets...
Getting started with allotments | help & advice for planning / RHS Gardening


hosepipes and sprinklers are usually prohibited early in a drought but few allotment sites allow these...Choose root crops that are far less susceptible to drought...Squash, pumpkin and sweet corn are very resilient, and there are drought-resistant potato cultivars
Green roofs / RHS Gardening


Green roofs are affected by drought and waterlogging...Intensive green roofs: Drought tolerant plants are good choices, as they tend to be both sun and wind tolerant...See our page on drought resistant plants for further ideas on plants for an intensive roof garden
Highlights of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2019 / RHS Gardening


Beth Chatto Drought Tolerant Garden...Seating in the Drought Tolerant garden...The Beth Chatto team used drought-tolerant plants in a nod to our ever-changing and unpredictable climate
Trees and shrubs: planting / RHS Gardening


Drought stress is common with newly planted trees and shrubs...With experience, it is possible to detect the dull, lifeless foliage indicative of drought stress but by then the tree has already been damaged...Overwatering is possible, especially on poor draining soils and with automatic irrigation systems, which leads to rotting roots and symptoms similar to drought
Vegetables: transplanting / RHS Gardening


This a crucial stage when the plants are vulnerable to stress from cold and drought, and also vulnerable to birds, slugs and other pests...Drought stress is very damaging to young vegetable plants...Drought: if plants wilt or shed lower leaves, water more frequently, aiming to wet the soil to slightly below the depth of the transplant?s roots
Why has my tree or shrub died? / RHS Gardening


Unless it gets its roots successfully established into the surrounding soil, it will be prone to failure particularly in times of stress such as during drought or waterlogging...Unless a plant is known to tolerate drought or wet soil conditions , extended periods of either can put plants under stress and, in some cases, lead to plant death...Remedy : Consider watering and mulching smaller plants during extreme drought and always keep containerised plants well watered in dry weather
Cacti & succulent houseplants / RHS Gardening


Low maintenance and drought tolerant, cacti and succulents make attractive and easy-to-grow houseplants...These drought-tolerant plants don?t like damp conditions, especially in winter, and will rot if overwatered

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