Mike McMahon & Jewlsy Mathews

Meet the designers of The Addleshaw Goddard Junglette Garden at RHS Chelsea 2024

Mike McMahon & Jewlsy Mathews

Mike McMahon & Jewlsy Mathews

Mike & Jewlsy say: “Emerging from separate childhoods steeped in the gardens of Mike’s native Ireland and Jewlsy’s ancestral Kerala, India, we share a lifelong immersion in nature. It’s not just about observation but about tapping into nature as a wellspring of design inspiration. Our global travels have taken us through jungles far and wide, where we’ve marvelled at plants thriving in their native habitats.  These encounters with flora in their untouched splendour deeply resonate, shaping the ethos of our design practice.

See The Addleshaw Goddard Junglette Garden
“Within our multidisciplinary studio, embracing architecture, interior, furniture, and landscape design, we champion sustainability and urban greenery as foundational elements in the face of climate change. These
principles echo across all our projects. Our garden design approach can be aptly described as maximalist, mirroring nature's swift colonisation of empty spaces with a diverse array of plant species in a competitive dance for sunlight.”

Mike & Jewlsy’s tips for balcony gardens

  • Incorporate bird feeders, bird boxes, and even small ponds to entice nature onto your balcony. Creating a welcoming environment for wildlife can make your outdoor space come alive.
  • Elevate your balcony garden’s aesthetics with sculptural planting. Choose striking plants that serve as focal points, providing an appealing view from your home and adding an artistic touch to your outdoor space.
  • Whilst balconies may be diminutive, the sprawling reach of larger plants’ branches and foliage can extend beyond the balcony’s railings, creating a more lush aesthetic. Where there is no shared boundary, architectural specimens such as tree ferns and Tetrapanax can throw their foliage beyond the balconies footprint while preserving room for other elements such as planting and a seating area within the balcony proper.

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