Stroke Association

The organisation behind The Stroke Association Garden for Recovery at RHS Chelsea 2024, explains their mission and aims

Stroke Association

Stroke strikes in an instant, and the effects last a lifetime – but recovery is possible.
Stroke does not discriminate. It can strike anyone at any time and in England, one in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime. The Stroke Association is the leading stroke support charity in the UK. We’re here to support every survivor to achieve their best possible recovery, and move on from just surviving stroke, to finding their way back to life.

See the Stroke Association’s Garden for Recovery
A stroke is like a bomb blast in the brain. The shockwaves cause additional and often severe disabilities. Life will never be the same again for the survivor or for their loved ones, but there is hope.
With support at a time, place and pace that meets each survivor’s recovery journey, the brain can repair and rewire itself.
But recovery can be a long and traumatic battle. That’s where our stroke support fits in. One-to-one, peer-to-peer, in groups, on the phone or online: the Stroke Association provides support that covers every aspect of a survivor’s recovery, so they are not just living to survive, but able to live life again.
Right now, the Stroke Association can only reach one third of the survivors who most need our help. The Stroke Association’s Garden for Recovery will help us to achieve our ambitious new goal; to reach everyone with stroke support as quickly as possible after their stroke.
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